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Text by SHEILA NAVARRO / WARP magazine (Mexico)

KRAUTROCK began in Germany in the 1960s as a musical and social counterculture that shaped this and future generations. Today it reaches our ears, accompanied by an Anahuaca deity who even has messianic reflections: Quetzalcoátl.

From the creative minds Ramón Amezcua and the German producer Harald Grosskopf, we know today what Quetzalkrautl is: a musical combination of cultures and legacies that redefines the history of every country, as we also find textures that we could consider as connections. The truth is that it is an evolution of electronic music with historical clues.

The basis of the project is the mixture of two cultures:

Ramón Amezcua, better known as Bostich, exclusively explained the process for completing Quetzalkrautl to WARP Magazine:

“This project came about after we asked ourselves how it was possible for something to germinate in the late 1960s that changed the history of electronic music in the world and like it did in Mexico, a place with a very different culture, different kind of music and a different mentality. It can be possible to absorb all these influences and to express them in our own way.
We cannot deny our traditions and what we grew up with, even if it sounds electronic, even if it was done with a synthesizer. At the end of the day there is always a touch that doesn't have to be a Mayan sound, but is a Mexican touch that we inevitably express ”.

Although Grosskopf was one of the pioneers of Krautrock, the production connection with Bostich opened up the possibility of new textures, accompanied by the mysticism emanating from two cultures that meet through music.

The Feathered Serpent:

In the Toltec view, Quetzalcóatl, the Feathered Serpent is the manifestation of the creative power that the universe receives from its duality and fluidity between the male and female energies. We could say that it is one of the most famous deities in the world for the legacy it represents.

“We wanted to create a connection, say from a national point of view, in the sense that what Mexico represented most in this regard could be Quetzalcóatl. In German terms it was Krautrock in terms of culture and its musical contribution to the world.
The German Krautrock was the nucleus for what influenced many generations from all over the world and in all aspects, therefore this term was chosen to locate the music geographically at these points, which is Mexico and the herb that connects you with Germany, because that herb (Kraut) is 100% German ».

A proposal that will last for generations:

Bostich and Grosskopf are two producers with solid careers in electronic music, who have been experimenting with new sounds and textures for years, but continue to amaze new generations.

“It's very important, I think it's very important to share this with the new generations. For my part, I was lucky. I think something that music offers you is that it connects you with new generations ”.


released June 11, 2021

Written, composed and recorded by Harald Grosskopf and Ramón Amezcua.

Mastered by Ramón Amezcua


all rights reserved



Harald Grosskopf Cologne, Germany

Composer, Drummer, legend of German Krautrock and Berlin Electronic Music. Debut album SYNTHESIST from 1980 had a huge impact on early Techno and House. Worldwide performances.

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